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    I've started playing in Jailbreak Servers from Flux.TF. Recently it happened many situations which I couldn't understand.
    Thanks if you help.

    Please reply with the #Question Number.
    #1: During maps which the Warden
    cannot open Cell Doors, but a Guard opens... Does the day become a Freeday or not?
    #2: After Last Request been given, does it get a Death Request or I must kill him?
    #3: Is AFK Frozen: No Freelooking - No Taunting - No Crouching - No Moving
    #4: Is Healing AFK Frozen?
    #5: Can Warden toogle on Friendly Fire to kill a Guard that's been Freekilling for more than 2 rounds?
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    1: Freeday happens when the cell doors open before the warden gives any orders. If the warden gave his orders it doesn't matter who opens the doors.

    2: Depends on the warden. Sometimes they give you a death request, sometimes they straight up kill you after the LR to end the round.

    3: AFK Frozen means: no freelooking, no crouching, no using WASD. AFK taunts are a thing but you'd have to ask the warden.

    4: Technically not because you can change the adv. options to keep healing your target without holding down the mouse, but most of the time the warden outright bans prisoner healing.

    5: Yes. Freekilling usually means the guard who did it has to slay himself, and the warden can kill the guard himself if he wants to or if the guard doesn't slay himself.

    That's all the answers according to my knowledge atleast.
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    Shush.. u havent been here for about an year or so.. or at least few months.. sO uR oPiNiOn dOeSnT mAtTeR :spongemycock:
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