invalid perm ban

Discussion in 'Ban/Mute Appeals' started by Pootis Cupcakes, Nov 25, 2018.

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    - Name of your Banned Steam Account?
    - Steam ID
    - Date and Time of the Ban
    25/11/2018 19:24
    - Reason/Explanation of the Ban
    "Hacking" when the evidence doesnt show any clear proof
    - Admin that Banned You

    The video provided by hugo shows little evidence of any form of hacks, that has been confirmed by several friends of mine who used to aimbot on TF2 before they quit playing. People on jailbreak call me an aimbotter as a joke, they dont actually accuse me of aimbotting. It may look dodgy in some parts, thats just how i play TF2 by flicking my mouse which I can not be blamed for.
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    Nov 25, 2018
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    The video shown is not how any human would aim goose. You always seem to have a reason why you're not when it is very obvious. I think at this point no one is going to have their mind changed. You were a fairly chill guy so it's a real shame, but you're better of just coming out about it. You could show that clip to anyone who has any idea about how hacks work and it is clear you are cheating. The video IS proof. Simple. Saying "that's just how I aim" is not an excuse, because in a comp scenario you played completely different. Just own up to it and stop lying to yourself.
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    So we've heard three stories so far:

    1. You were drunk, that's why your aim was weird
    2. You sprained your arm
    3. You play by flicking your mouse

    You're failing to keep a simple story straight.
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    Looking over the video as well as some other experiences I've had with you on jb/bear I had suspicions that you were hacking before so and even after Hugo and I got the video I had suspicions you were still hacking however didn't say anything. However, even though flux is kinda dead It wouldn't be right to have another hacker as a admin especially one who hacks in the Flux servers. As for the lack of proof story you really just need to look at the final 10 seconds of the video to show it officially. The "flicking mouse" doesn't work either as you clip instantly onto two players without any hesitation as well as the "sprained arm" one being stupid as a whole. Either way It wouldn't be right for a hacker to be in the admin position so consider this on your admin app as well as a Big -1. If i were you I would suggest owning up to the fact and apologize for it as a whole and stop hacking entirely.
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    I call fake, or at least this not happening on flux servers

    After all, flux dont have any players to play any servers at all :haha: