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    Hey all,

    A few days ago I had the idea to give donators a rank on Discord, but only if I was able to automate it. So I decided to write a Discord bot to allow people to link donations, which quickly sprawled into a bigger project. I'm quite fond of him, and want him to take on more work, so if you have other ideas he can do, let me know.

    FluxBot is our new Discord bot.
    If you're not in Flux's Discord server, get your ass in there now:

    FluxBot can do the following things:
    • ~help
    • ~suggest
    • ~ping
    • ~pong
    • ~userid
    • ~donate
    • ~goodnight
    • ~activatediscord
    • ~donordays
    • ~8ball
    • ~sourcebans
    • ~checkteamban
    • ~kick
    • ~dban
    • ~ban
    • ~rcon
    • ~rconcommands
    • ~ssh
    • ~deploy

    The commands in bold are admin access only. You can type in just the command's name for information and usage about the command.

    Information for Donators:
    There is now a new fields on the page for your Discord ID, if you have one.
    If you do not have a Discord ID yet, or donated before this addition, you can do one of two things:

    Link Steam ID from Discord:
    Go on the Discord server and type ~activatediscord STEAM_1:256324 being the Steam ID you donated with and FluxBot will take care of the rest for you and update your rank immediately.

    Link your Discord ID in-game
    Go on any of the TF2 servers, and type /activatediscord 15538393414 being your Discord ID - you can find this by typing ~userid on the Discord server. The command in game will tell you that as well. If successful, you'll be told so. If you donate this way, FluxBot refreshes the ranks every 12 hours (or when someone actives their Discord in the way above), so hang on until the next refresh, and your rank will be set.

    Thanks again to anyone who donated.
    If you have any feature suggestions or changes to FluxBot, please let me know by posting here.
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    Flux Boat is very rude and insensitive. -rep would not recommend this naughty boy.
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    Apr 18, 2017
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    Hello Flux, as you can see, my son has been deeply offended by FluxBot. This cannot stand, as he is a beautiful and sexy boy, and deserves a rich, polite man to marry him, not some offensive brute. Please take punitive measures against this robot before I shoot up the school.
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    Seems nice for us.