I Miss Sir.Goose

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by SilverFox_3, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. SilverFox_3

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    Dec 20, 2018
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    I miss Sir.Goose on flux servers, purely due to how active and useful he was on servers when admins were not on. It's a shame that Goose got unlawfully banned due to a lacklustre amount of evidence with him using an aimbot. I'm sorry for speaking on this controversial topic but I feel like I had to give input from somebody close to goose.
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  2. JanKonesCZ

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    May 12, 2017
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    Even there was small amout of evidence, it was showing enought that he might have been cheating.. not sure now but i think he even dodged questions or even lied that he was drunk/mouse was spazzing or something like that

    This looks like some poor attempt to get him unbanned
    (also this for some reason or my paranoia looks like you are sir goose trying to "save" yourself or something)

    i was once thinking he was cheating too as sometimes it was weird how he could shot me or something like that, but it never was so blalant or annoing to make me give a shit about it..
  3. Hugo

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    Sep 3, 2017
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    I was close to goose and in a comp team with goose at one point, he was for sure hacking and had been for a very long time. Just its quite difficult to get evidence on him when he knows you and all your friends thats why one of my spanish friends got it on recording. Its a fair ban and he had been accused a hundred times previously just needed some evidence which i finally managed to get a hold off.