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Discussion in 'Applications' started by Jonathan Rodriguez, Sep 18, 2018.

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  1. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Jonathan Rodriguez Unremarkable

    Feb 6, 2018
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    Name and steamID:Bonkboy38 | STEAM_0:0:199862614

    Specify your timezone and rough play times:GMT-05:00, I play on the weekdays 1-4 hours, and on the weekends 1-13 hours.

    Have you been an admin before and where?No, I have never been an admin.

    What servers are you primarily applying for? I currently applying for FLUX trade and Jailbreak.I do not care which JB server any can do.

    Which admins (if any) do you know? Dovakin, Aubble, ImpossibleZ, Kat, Katlander....

    Are you familiar with the admin role and commands ie- what is expected for you? Yes, i know most basic admin commands an admin will use against rule breakers.I am constanly look over the SM admin commands to gain more information about them.

    Why would you be a good addition to the servers as an Administrator? I believe I will be good because, i know how to approach players when it comes to rule breaking and ext.I have been part of the flux community for 9 months. I have improve my behavior against other players throughout my months in the community.I also belive that i will be a good addition to the team because the amount of play time I play on ur community.Having me as an admin will also improve people's behavior against me as I am actively playing on community.I love it when people ask me questions about rules, it makes me feel mature and responsible.

    Give us a brief rundown of punishments you'd give out users breaking Diffrent rules.

    spam/Chat spam 1st time warning 2nd time 30 minute mute/gag 3rd time 1hr mute/Gag

    No mic on blue Admin must tell the user if they have a mic, if they do not Permanent Teamban.

    Ghosting 1st time warn 2nd time 1hr mute/gag

    Freehit/Free Kill accident or not. 1st time slay 2nd time 30 min teamban.

    Refusing to be warden 1st time warn 2nd Slay 3rd 30min teamban.

    Bad mic on Jb and the person is warden ( Must be on blue)

    1st time warning 2nd time 30min mute/teamban

    Talking over Warden 1st time 30min mute 2nd time 1hr mute

    Advertising hacks 1st time Permanent Ban

    Abusing donor powers 1st time 1 week ban (with evidence) 2nd Revoke perms ( with evidence)

    Advertising Any sort of links 1hr gag

    Disrespect racism 1st 30min gag/mute 2nd Permanent gag/Mute.

    Anything else you will like to add - maybe a bit about yourself, ie - interests,hobbies,Education.

    I am currently in the 8th grade with only C's in my grade book.1 more thing I HATE Algebra.

    Thank you.
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  2. JanKonesCZ

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    May 12, 2017
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    These two things dont really fit in each other huh...


    There is absolutly nothing i can write in this green place, maybe only active but i dont play on flux servers so i am gonna count that out

    You have community/discord called , its really horribly handled and managed there already
    All of the sudden you became "Active" on discord about week or more ago
    Has 2 bans on record on

    One of those is Donor abusing, suggesting if you abused that you might abuse admin role too
    Boldless... we all know all bold is already bad, but you could have left the bold somewhere too
    just 11 messages, not active on forums..
    really badly constructed application in all ways

    Now to the different communities.. or at least some of them

    Blackwonder= Mutes-6, Bans-3 Mutes-2, Bans-1 Mutes-2, Bans-0 Mutes-6, Bans-2
    (all of these 6 mutes are from admin, all other mutes are mostly voted by himself to mute himself)

    I am gonna give this one huge -1Good luck with the app tho
  3. Jim

    Jim Tonk
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    Jun 10, 2017
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    I thought you were applying for admin at Panda. How are you planning to be active at both communities?
  4. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Jonathan Rodriguez Unremarkable

    Feb 6, 2018
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    I never usually play on panda, Just flux. I do not even know why i made the app in the first place.
  5. Aubble

    Aubble Time Traveler
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    Jul 22, 2017
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