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    - Name: Aubrey
    - Age: 15 1/2
    - Steam name + ID: (Both the name and the STEAM_0:xxxxx)
    - Specify your timezone and rough playtimes~
    I live in the US in the Pacific Time Zone. During school time I play often around late afternoons and in the evenings between 2-4 pm and 8-10 pm. During the summer, which it currently is, I can play basically for the entire day if needed, but I'm often playing other games. If my presence is especially needed in TF2, it is fine by me.
    - Have you been an admin before and where?
    I haven't ever actually been an admin on a Team Fortress 2 server, and I hope that this server may be an introduction to it for me. Although it may not be very impressive, I own a small Minecraft server and have administrated other Minecraft servers before, almost all of which have either shut down permanently or temporarily.
    - What servers are you primarily applying for?
    I am primarily applying for Orange Servers and Prophunt Servers. I also tend to roam around some of the "trade" servers, especially the minecraft_neon_v177 server owned by
    - Are you familiar with the admin role and commands? ie - what is expected of you
    I have been, and will continue to study the Sourcemod Wiki page to learn and understand all of the necessary commands used on Team Fortress 2 servers. If there are additional commands added by any Plugins on the servers, I will also have to study those, but I will need more information on exactly what plugins are used.
    - Why would you be a good addition to the servers as an administrator?
    I believe that I could be of good help to the servers because of my kind personality and respect for players and staff members alike. I would help out on some of the smaller servers that typically don't have admins online, and my current living situation in the US could help if certain other Admins' time zones do not meet up.
    - Anything else you'd like to add - maybe a bit about yourself, ie - interests, hobbies, education, etc.
    As of the time I am typing this, it is still summer and I will be going into the 10th grade, or "Sophomore" year for those familiar with the US grade system. I enjoy playing games such as (of course), TF2, Overwatch, Warframe, and partially Minecraft.
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    Quite an impressive application, to be honest, I kinda had a feeling that you'll do quite good, dunno why.
    Your application is well-written, neat, and you also put a lot of detail into it.
    I haven't seen you at all though, maybe that's my fault for having no life and playing Jailbreak for like 6 hours straight :meat:
    I'm going to stay NEUTRAL for now.
    I'll keep an eye on ya.
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    Like Death said, this application is very neat, detailed, and well-written. You were very friendly and approachable the few times I've seen you in game and I think you'd do great as an admin! The only negative I can think of is the servers you play on (which there is nothing wrong with). That's just not where we need as much help, but help is still help, right? (Am I even making sense?) Either way, good luck with your application!