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    hey, i am writing this so i can see if i can become a admin.
    Name: Only Owner knows ;p
    i'm 16 and i live in Britain (land of the bags of 1100 tea bags), Liverpool
    I think i would be a good admin because if anyone isn't too happy about something then i will be here to assist them in anyway i am able to,i will give warnings to those who are breaking rules and if necessary ban them For the Right amount of time and i will ask you about permanent bans but that shouldn't really happen with me anyways ;), i know that a handful of people i know stopped playing on servers and i asked them "what would you do if i was a admin there" and they said they would play on flux more knowing that i am there and i know that i can get some more people into the community.
    Bits of chat to show some People trust me if i was a admin:
    Sensei Wilde:

    19:08 - Cooki3: So i was thinking of trying to sign up for admin of
    19:08 - Cooki3: be honest
    19:08 - Cooki3: What do you think?
    19:08 - #Vot3Cooki3ForAdmin: i think you would do good tbh
    19:09 - #Vot3Cooki3ForAdmin: i mean like i dont see why they wouldnt accept you
    19:09 - #Vot3Cooki3ForAdmin: you't
    19:09 - #Vot3Cooki3ForAdmin: you're*
    19:09 - #Vot3Cooki3ForAdmin: very nice and honest like an admin should be
    19:09 - Cooki3: Aye, Thanks
    19:09 - #Vot3Cooki3ForAdmin: dont thank me you deserve it
    borkthedoge: but if you were an admin i would trust ya
    Cooki3: i might become one
    borkthedoge: i already do
    borkthedoge: trust ya
    borkthedoge: oooo
    borkthedoge: how
    borkthedoge: dont worry ill recomend you
    borkthedoge: its on the site right?
    Cooki3: well i'll ask the owner
    (these where the people who were online at the time)

    What i can add to the Community of
    I can bring Bonus ducks :3, but being serious i help out the community and You if you want help with anything, also if you want help with forums as well, i will try my best to host events as well for fun with other members of flux if possible ;).
    About me:
    I am a small youtuber, i mainly like helping others, i can also speak to others with no problems online and i trust others even if they trust me or not.
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