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  1. Daniel Cornell
  2. Kesha | Stabby
    Kesha | Stabby Flux
    Hi Flux. Hi I heard about some glitch which is associated with very high jumps in bunny hop. Or is it not a bug, but some kind of secret. I would like to know how to execute it.
    1. Flux
      Not a bug, it's the way bhop works. Height is retained when you jump, so start high, end high.
      Mar 2, 2017
  3. CMM12312
  4. ThisGuy
    ThisGuy Flux
    is there a way to get unbanned?
    1. Flux
      Make an appeal thread on the forums. There's a section for it. If you want to report an admin, do so in the respective section.
      Jan 21, 2017
  5. ThisGuy
    ThisGuy Flux
    And now he is insulting an 11 year old
  6. ThisGuy
    ThisGuy Flux
    Yo the admin CaptinCannonman will kill death and cheat by always having godmode and flying! Please take his powers away! Thanks for reading!
    1. Flux
      As I've said to others, people need to take demos as proof and post it on a thread here.
      Jan 1, 2017
  7. ThisGuy
  8. ThisGuy
    ThisGuy Flux
    Yo could i be an admin on your epic tf2 sever?
    1. Flux
      I'd recommend heading over to the admin application section of the forums and reading the thread about it
      Dec 29, 2016
  9. ThisGuy
    ThisGuy Flux
    Hey! I really like the flux deathrun. Could i become admin on the server?
  10. The Great WAH
    The Great WAH
    Anyone wants to WAH with me?
  11. B U X X Y
    B U X X Y
    I'm known as Phobos now.
  12. B U X X Y
  13. B U X X Y
    B U X X Y
    Feel free to add me on steam ;3;
  14. DathLad
    I only made this forums account to inform that dodgeball is outdated and the server needs an update so we can play on it again :^)
  15. atyCari
    Probably playing Badwater.
  16. atyCari
    At least I try.
  17. Axia
  18. Flux