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  1. Loop Troupe
    Loop Troupe
    howdy howdy its time to get rowdy
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  2. Hugo
  3. Aubble
    I'm trying to get my hands on the !find plugin. It locates items in people's backpacks (so you can find exactly who to ask for trades)
  4. aka ▩ SWΞG ▩
    aka ▩ SWΞG ▩
    WEll todays the day i failed a final. RIP
  5. Hugo
    Hugo GreGre
    Rest in peace
  6. Aubble
    Dova and I are the most active admins right now... yet still nobody recognizes me. feelsbadman.
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    2. JanKonesCZ
      No one recognizes you as no one plays on the server enought as everyone leaves almost instantly they join.. basically all regulars leaving from this community and servers are getting filled mostly by "downloaded 5 minutes ago" or just some random people that want to trade something but realize that the trading server is full of F2P
      Nov 29, 2018
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    3. Hugo
      Regulars are leaving because of shit admins and shit donors.
      Dec 1, 2018
  7. Aubble
  8. aka ▩ SWΞG ▩
    aka ▩ SWΞG ▩
    Recently been thinking about applying for admin.I think i might be a good/helpful admin to one of the servers
  9. Aubble
    I know everyone that makes applications, but nobody knows me. ;-;
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  10. aka ▩ SWΞG ▩
    aka ▩ SWΞG ▩
    Very very sick: Trying to not post as often.
  11. Aubble
    Aubble lbeanforever
    Happy birthday!~
  12. Aubble
    Aubble Jim
    Happity birthity
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  13. aka ▩ SWΞG ▩
    aka ▩ SWΞG ▩
    Sad times. Time to go back to school
  14. Hugo
    Hugo Aubble
    Thanks for banning goose, he always denied it and apparently he still denies it. Appreciate it my dude.
  15. GreGre
    GreGre Jim
    Happy birthday :)
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  16. deathpacito
  17. aka ▩ SWΞG ▩
    aka ▩ SWΞG ▩
    Day after thanks giving: Boy was i full. Very good food here.
  18. aka ▩ SWΞG ▩
    aka ▩ SWΞG ▩
    Happy thanks giving everyone! Hope you guys enjoyed your free week of no school! Remember to not eat that much turkey today.
  19. aka ▩ SWΞG ▩
    aka ▩ SWΞG ▩
    I kinda feel bad for getting someone muted today. We became friends but i never told him i ratted him out.
  20. Rey Rivas
    Rey Rivas
    It's funny how just one single person can change everything